Raffle Example Messages

Thank you for putting the time and effort in.

For text, you can try something like this:

Dear Uncle Bob,
My Home Away From Home while at college (the Chabad of New Paltz) is running their annual fundraising Raffle. It pays for Jewish activities and support for me and my friends.
Can you please buy some tickets at JewPaltz.com/raffle ?

For email you can try something like this:

Dear Grandma,
Chabad of New Paltz, or as we like to call it JewPaltz is holding their annual fundraising raffle right now…
First prize is $18,000 and second prize is a trip for 2 to Israel.

I really appreciate the work Rabbi Plotkin & Bracha do for all the Jewish students. This is a way to help fund his work and maybe come out a winner yourself. Tickets are 5 for $180 or $36 each
Will you help us out and buy a few tickets?

Here is a link to get your tickets JewPaltz.com/raffle

Your grandchild