Purim In-Person

Two Purim Parties

Purim is a full 24 hours. Esther (yes that one- the queen) asked that every Jew listen to the Megillah twice, plus do the other 3 Purim Mitzvot. Therefore, we have two Purim Parties. Once in the night leading into Purim, and once on the day of Purim. It’s best if you can come to BOTH. RSVP Now

Party #1

Thursday night. We’ll start with a Megillah Reading (come make lots of noise) at 6:30. Followed by a carnival from 7pm tp 8pm.

  • One person at a booth at a time, masks require, all food prepackaged.
  • Costume Contest
  • Sushi Making.
  • Pin Haman on Gallows
  • Make Your Own Mishlaoch Manot
  • Hamantaschen decorating
  • Make Your Own Rainbow Mask
  • Pinata 

Party #2

Friday afternoon. Purim must be celebrated while the day still shines. But there’s more… As soon as the sun sets its Shabbat. So we have Back2Back Feasts and more.

  • We’ll start at 4:30pm with a Megillah Reading (come make lots of noise)
  • At 5:00pm we’ll start the Purim Feast and do all the 4 Mitzvot of Purim together.
  • At 5:30pm or so the girls and women will Candle Lighting
  • We’ll go straight into Kiddush & the Shabbat Feast. Partying and continuing (covid safely) to reach the highest heights of joy!
  • Shabbat services for whoever makes it that far at some point during the night.

Please RSVP for either or both at https://jewpaltz.com/PurimInPerson